Content + Copy

I used to teach English, and what can I say: I love to write. Finding YOUR unique voice and turning it into words that fill the page and inspire others is my passion.


Long Form Post + Paired Email

Long Form Guest Blog post

Personal Guest Post *trigger warning - infertility*

Website Copy Rewrite

Facebook Ad Copy

Click Funnels

"Hannah helped me greatly improve my Click Funnels in design, layout and especially with amazing copy. She took my words and made them sing! I actually got choked up when I read the copy because it said exactly what I wanted yet so much better than I could.

Not only that, she was incredibly great to work with. She was encouraging and efficient while gently and firmly keeping me on track. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her work on all levels.

I thoroughly appreciated the collaboration with Hannah as she had great suggestions while we worked on improving the overall funnel. She also created a split test and suggested and extra funnel idea for lead generation."

Social Media Management

I would love to assist you in creating gorgeous, well considered content for your followers. I also optimize FB Business pages and IG profiles if you just need a bit of help to get things moving.


Take a peek:

IG Feed + Post Sample

IG Month at a Glance Preview

Variety of Graphics

Hashtag Research example

Google Site Creation

I am certainly not a web designer, but if you need a basic site that is easy to update, can utilize a custom domain, and has no fees...you're on one right now!


Here are some other samples of Google sites I've put together:

Get inspired and take the next steps!

Want to get “out of the box” and start innovating with bigger and better ideas? The first step is recognizing that the only box that exists is the one you’ve created. The walls that box you in are the very walls you constructed, often for the purpose of protecting yourself against failure, financial loss, or potential embarrassment. The best way to grow bigger in your business is to stop being the person who limits yourself - be willing to dream bigger than you think is possible, and use the inevitable setbacks that any business owner encounters as a reason to ask yourself what you can do better, what you should adjust, and how you’re going to improve.

If you know that the next logical step in your business is bringing in a new team member, email me here (or book a free call) and let's talk!