Ways to Invest

The long story really depends!

My true preference is to jump on a call, learn all about you and your business, and then create a customized package that honors your needs and your budget. Sound fair?

BUT - I know a baseline can be super helpful, so I put some reference points below!

10 Hour Package

This includes 10 hours that I'll spend on whatever you most want to see get done in your business.

It can be a great starting point because it gives us a low-risk way to get to know each other and consider if we are a good match for future projects and long term work.

Check out my Portfolio and Profile pages for ideas about the sorts of projects we could take on together if we had 10 hours of time!

Investment: $400

Monthly Retainer

40 hours that are flexible enough to encompass a range of tasks, plus a scheduled weekly call to check-in and set priorities.

You can invest in one lump sum, or break it into two monthly payments.

This is perfect for a client who needs a lot done and wants a long term relationship. (Check out my Portfolio and Profile if you need ideas about exactly *what* we could be doing together.)

Investment: $1,600

Need just a tiny bit of help to get some forward momentum going and really establish your online presence?

Business Page Optimization

Just started your FB Business Page...and realized you don't have much going on besides a basic cover photo?

I'm so proud of you for taking those forward steps, and I would love to help you finish setting things up with a heavy dose of intentionality and strategy!

Investment: $75-$150

Google Site Development

This is the fastest way to get rolling online! We'll have to discuss the nitty gritty details, of course, and final costs will depend on your need for graphics, copy, and content.

Investment: $150-$450

Dreaming about never writing another blog post again? Want your social media accounts to be seamlessly posting consistently great content? Need a new funnel for lead generation?

We HAVE to talk! Seriously, the rates for this depend on a lot of factors, such as:

Long Form Content

  • Word count
  • Topic / research required
  • Posts per month
  • SEO needs
  • Image / graphics that may be neceesary
  • Paired emails or social media posts to promote
  • Uploaded to site or submitted via Google Docs

Social Media Management

  • Social platforms utilized
  • Length and style of posts
  • Amount of research required
  • Engagement levels (if any)
  • Graphics desired (I use Canva only)
  • Number of images provided (or that I will need to source)

Click Funnels

  • Funnel complexity
  • Amount of copy needed
  • Integration requirements

Ask me about getting a free quote!

It's okay to be nervous...

Investing money is a BIG deal, and it can feel super stressful!

It might be helpful to sit down and think through a few things, such as:

  • What could you be doing in your business if you weren't spending time doing certain tasks?
  • Speaking of saved time...what is your time worth to you? (And how much of it could you free up if you had some help?)
  • How much stress could you diminish if you were able to pass on certain tasks?
  • Would you be more productive if you had another person on your team chearing for you and supporting you?